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How to find parts

1. Using the search bar:
    • Search by part number (or SKU): If you know the 7 digit part number, type it directly in the search bar and the results will return the desired part.
    • Search by part description: type all or a portion of the description into the search bar. You can identify your desired part from the results.

    2. Shop by Parts:

    • Narrow down your search by browsing through one of our parts collections: Ex. Valves, Pumps, Gaskets & O-rings, etc.
    • While on the collections page, you can use filters to identify parts specific to your unit model.

    3. Shop by Series:

    • Narrow down your parts search and browse through our humidifier series collections: Ex. EL, RS, GS, etc.
    • On a series page, you can narrow down parts by selecting your unit's capacity and voltage from the drop down menu.